Odesa Commercial Sea Port

Odesa Commercial Sea Port
Odesa, Primorsky district, Mytna Square, 1
Контактный телефон:
+380 48 729 47 00

Odessa Commercial Sea Port is one of the largest ports of the Black Sea-Azov range. The Port of Odessa is situated in the northwest part of the Black Sea (46°32'N, 30°54'Е) on the historically founded merchant ways between East and West.

Technical facilities of the port allow to process more than 18 million tons of dry cargoes and 25 million tons of liquid cargoes annually. Developed infrastructure allows delivering cargo by auto, railway, marine and river transport. Specialized terminals of the port with large park of handling equipment and hauling devices allow handling wide range of cargoes.

Port's universality provides handling practically of any kind of cargoes: oil and crude oil in bulk, condensed gas; tropical and vegetable oil, technical oil, containers, non-ferrous and ferrous metal; ore, cast iron, raw sugar in bulk; grain in bulk; paper, perishable cargoes in containers; different general cargoes in bags, boxes, parcels, barrels and integrated cargo units.

There are eight handling complexes for dry cargoes processing, passenger complex, oil and container terminals, complex for technical and vegetable oil processing on the 133,3 hectares of the port territory. The modern container terminal with annual capacity more than 500.000 TEU per year is also to your services. Special (free) Economic Zone «Porto-Franko» is situated on the Quarantine pier.

54 protected berths with total length of quay line more than 9000 m allow to accept the vessels with cargo carrying capacity up to 100 thousand tons, up to 300 m length and up to 13, 0 m draft.

Besides the main activity (handling and storing of cargoes) the Odessa port provides full complex of high level additional services, such as:

  • forwarding;
  • customs broker;
  • stuffing and unstuffing containers;
  • repair of cargo packing;
  • cargo marking;
  • international cargo transportation with «Mercedes» trucks;
  • vessels supplying with water, fuel and lubricants at the berths and on the roadstead;
  • taking off sewage, garbage etc.;
  • service of vessels on the base of floating repair station;
  • international phone, fax, computer;
  • granting of the Passenger Complex exhibition hall for the exhibitions, concerts and other events;
  • service of yacht complex;
  • guarded TIR-parking;
  • information services and other.

The modern Passenger Terminal, situated in the historical part of Odessa close to main city sights (Potemkins`ka Stairs, monument to Duke de Richelieu etc.), is the biggest in Ukraine. The large cruise ships with up to 300 meters in length are accepted. Throughput of the Passenger Terminal is 4 million people per year. Passenger Terminal includes Yacht Complex, Marine Art Gallery, 4* Hotel Complex «Odessa», St. Nicolas Church, concert and exhibition hall, travel agency offices. Port recognized as a base cruise port of Ukraine and a member of prestige international associations.