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The cruise ship MSC Magnifica

A journey with MSC Cruises is a unique experience where every care has been taken to ensure sea trip is perfect from start to finish. Every dawn brings a new surprise.

The company began with the classic and charming MSC Melody and MSC Rhapsody and in recent years continued to add new ships masterpieces of modern navigation, creating one of the world’s youngest fleets.

25 February 2010 saw the flag-changing ceremony for the new MSC Magnifica cruise ship. The fourth ship in the Musica class, MSC Magnifica is also the tenth cruise ship built in Saint-Nazaire for the owner MSC Cruises.

The Musica Class vessels - MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra, MSC Poesia, MSC Magnifica represents MSC Cruises ongoing commitment to providing the very best cruise experience to passengers. State of the art technology and warm hospitality merge perfectly to create the ideal environment to enjoy your cruise at the world’s most popular destinations.

The sea is an ecosystem rich with life and diversity - a fragile system which can be damaged by harmful emissions. MSC Cruises respects the ocean, aiming to carry passengers around the world with a minimum of effect on the sea itself.

the cruise ship MSC Magnifica


The companies maintain high standards in disposing of waste materials and monitoring energy usage and are utmost to minimize the impact the cruise ships on the ocean water.

Continuing commitment to ensuring these cruise ships are as environmentally friendly as possible ensures that passengers on an MSC cruise will be able to enjoy the lagoons of Venice, the clear seas of the Caribbean or the crystalline fjords of Northern Europe - without worrying about the effects of their holiday on the environment - preserving these beautiful locations for future visitors.

AWT (Advanced Water Treatment) is a system that recycles and treats waste water according to the highest legal and ecological standards. Recycling of waste water an energy saving system is installed in all the cabins and public rooms, to automatically monitor electricity usage. This reduces fuel consumption and gas emissions that are harmful to the environment by powering down unused systems. Energy conservation cruise ship MSC Magnifica both feature technological innovations aimed at safeguarding the environment.

The cruise ships are ecologically sound, comfortable and elegant, designed to cater to guests’ every need. The passenger is always at the centre attentions: good cuisine, unlimited entertainment, performances, and wellness and beauty programmers in the Aurea SPA. The cafes serve a range of coffees, aperitifs and tasters, adding favors and spice to your meetings in the square.

Shops are stocked with the finest perfumes, jewelers and clothes, so there’s plenty to catch your eye and make your date with the little Italian piazza even more exciting. Make way for the kids with their very own discotheque a dance floor and a party completely off limits to adults - so teenagers can relax and fully enjoy themselves. Eexotic drinks, delicious pastries and light buffets are available in the cafes and restaurants on board.

Top class meals the comfort in all cabin, and facilities dedicated to health and wellbeing make life on board a pleasure. A friendly professional is always on hand to suggest a special dish and the ideal accompanying wine, to provide you with quality cabin service or simply to give a warm Mediterranean smile.

Carefully selected colors, the finest materials and original designs evoke the feel of the sea and sunshine. Cruise ships are inspired masterpieces of Italian design: cozy cabins with sea balconies, glittering theatres, amazing casinos, designer shops, friendly bars and restaurants, a relaxing wellness and beauty centre and sun-soaked pools and decks.

Throughout all cruise ships of the company MSC, there are areas to suit all needs, from intimate lounges and bars, to open shared areas filled with light, sound and activity.

The tasteful elegance of the ships in the ‘Musicaclass provides the perfect accompaniment to a holiday that reflects your own personal rhythm. Combining opportunities for sport, relaxation, dining and entertainment, these magnificent vessels boast an array of stylish restaurants and elaborate theatres, along with sophisticated fitness and wellbeing facilities. So while admiring the view from one of the balcony cabins, strolling on the open deck or enjoying a show, you’ll always appreciate the poetry of your surroundings.

Information office with multilingual staff, Duty free shops hairdresser, Room service 24 hours a day, Beauty centre and spa exchange office Laundry/ironing service Jewelers’, Wi-Fi - GSM system, Medical centre Fully air-conditioned, Photographer, everyday new flavors’, new friendships, new discoveries. All cabins are en suite: private bathroom, TV Telephone, minibar, safety deposit box.

Like her sisters - MSC Musica, MSC Orchestra and MSC Poesia - MSC Magnifica blends superior comfort with ground-breaking design and advanced technology, boasting original features such as the Magrodome retractable roof and the exclusive VIP zone of the MSC Yacht Club.

Each ship has her own character and soul, an indefinable quality that ensures a unique cruise experience on each vessel. Support and enthusiasm has helped to make MSC Cruises the fastest growing cruise line in the world, and expansion the company continues with the launch the cruise ship MSC Splendida.
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