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The cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas for the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

The cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas is the second mega-class cruise liner in a series of two ships (the cruise ship Grandeur of the Seas) built by Kvaerner Masa of Finland for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. It is one of thebiggest cruise ships in the world.

Large green glass walls and windows cover large areas of the cruise ship. These window walls provide spectacular views from the seven deck high central atrium and main dining room. The Sun Deck is also surrounded by green glass walls. The main lounge has been separated and moved forward of the funnel, significantly improving layout. The main entrance on board is on Deck 4 to the Centrum, where the Terrace and Bar is also found. Further aft is the lower level of the two-deck high dining room. The dining room seats 1,180 guests and is equipped with a two-deck high waterfall and a stage for a small orchestra.
the cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas

On the 5th deck is the outside Promenade deck, the upper level of the main restaurant, the Casino and in the forward part, the two-deck high Theater show lounge, seating 840 guests.

On Deck 6 are the secondary lounge and night club seating 470 guests, the middle cruise ship lounge and a separate conference area, the Bar, Photo Gallery, Boutiques of the Centrum shopping area and the upper level of the Orpheum Theater.

Decks 7 and 8 include the ship's library, card room and Study. The wheelhouse is on the eighth deck and the officers' cabins on the deck below.

Deck 9 is the ship's Sun Deck with swimming pools and whirlpools. Aft is the two-deck high Fitness Centre, solarium, swimming pool area. Further forward are two outside cafeterias and the large inside cafe seating 435 guests.

The open Sun Walk surrounds the deck, and is equipped with a jogging track. Aft is the discotheque, the Video Arcade video game room and the children's playroom. The two-level Lounge is on Deck 11 which seats 320 guests and includes the raised mezzanine.
the cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas topdeck

New features for extended service life and performance

STX Europe (Aker Yards) an experienced builder of passenger ships has lengthened the cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. The lengthening project was carried out on very tight schedule, causing Enchantment of the Seas to suspend regular service for only two months.

The Sun deck area increased by 50% and new features were installed, such as suspension bridges on the ship’s sides on deck 10, a pool bar, children’s pool with a splash deck and a fiber-optic light show. 151 new passenger cabins correspond to a 15% capacity increase. There are new lounge and shop areas, new special dining areas, with all existing restaurant areas being thoroughly refurbished. There are also refurbished and enhanced spa and fitness areas.
the cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas drydock

A new advanced water purification plant was installed in the new midsection, which can effectively treat and purify all gray, black, galley and laundry water onboard to meet the latest stringent waste discharge regulations. Engine power is unchanged, since the lengthening has only a negligible impact on fuel economy and maximum speed.

STX Europe and its Lifecycle Service unit, specializing in ship conversion and refurbishment projects, have been in charge of the complex design and lengthening work. At the same time as the lengthening project, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has conducted major refurbishment elsewhere onboard.

STX Europe is amongst the world’s leading designers and builders of cruise vessels and ferries as well as other technically advanced vessels. A large part of the world’s cruise ships have come from the company’s shipyards, the major customers within this vessel segment being globally leading cruise operators. STX Europe is also leading ferry builder in the world.
the cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas

The cruise ship Enchantment of the Seas general characteristics :
Length - 301,8 m;
Beam - 38,6 m;
Draft - 7,6 m;
Tonnage - 82900 tons;
Main engines - 4 MAN B&W 12V48/60;
Power - 68500 hp;
Speed - 22 kt;
Capacity - 2730 passengers, crew - 486;

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