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ShipConstructor Software Inc.

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Название компании:
ShipConstructor Software Inc.
#304-3960 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8X 4A3
Контактное лицо:
ShipConstructor Software Inc.
Контактный телефон:
+1-888-210-7420, +1-250-479-3638
ShipConstructor is a world leader in CAD/CAM software for the unique requirements of the shipbuilding and offshore industries. With its AutoCAD platform, ShipConstructor is compatible with industry standard software and maximizes efficiency by enabling the production design team and the shipyard to work concurrently. From super tankers and semi-sub rigs, to world class workboats or luxury yachts, ShipConstructor provides the ideal solution to drive every phase of shipbuilding.

The company uses the universal program for modelling of the ships and vessels. Design one part and then replicate it; making a change to the deck automatically adjusts all the related parts; ShipConstructor's DDROM™ (Database Driven Relational Object Model™), a parametric-like modeling paradigm, lets you model and revise parts faster than ever before. Despite its power, it remains easy to learn. 

As you design parts within a familiar 2D drafting environment, ShipConstructor builds the 3D product model for you, automatically linking dependencies between all parts and geometry. Subsequent modifications propagate to all related parts. The pictures on the right illustrate a deck being moved up. All related plate parts adjust automatically to the change.

Key benefits of DDROM one-Click part definition within a 2D-like 3D drawing speeds up the design process; links to other parts are automatically created, requiring minimal extra training; use ShipConstructor efficiently now for class design. Keep peace of mind as changes to the 3D model are reflected in all effected production drawings.

Being a ShipConstructor dealer comes with numerous advantages - one is the worldwide brand which is recognized as the most flexible, reliable and innovative in the shipbuilding industry.

If you would like more information on becoming a ShipConstructor dealer please email - Michael.Viala@ShipConstructor.com

The incomplete list of clients
Northrop Grumman SS Avondale Operations, USA
Ocean Tug & Barge Engineering Corp., USA
STX Canada Marine Inc. (Aker Yards Marine), Canada
FBM Babcock Southampton, UK
Heesen Yachts, The Netherlands
Hotchya Shipyard, Russia
Marine Technology Development Ltd., Russia
Marine Technologies Ltd., Russia
Wärtsilä Ship Design Germany gmbh, Germany
Drydocks World Graha, Singapore
Kumamoto Dockyard Co. Ltd, Japan
Larsen:Toubro Limited, India
Offshore Ship Designers, China
Incat Crowther, Australia