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Kyiv State Maritime Academy

Логотип компании
Название компании:
Kyiv State Maritime Academy
9, Frunze St., c. Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine
Контактное лицо:
Kyiv State Maritime Academy
Контактный телефон:
+38(044) 417-17-57
+38(044) 417-74-33
Kyiv State Maritime Academy named after Hetman Petr Konashevych-Sagahaydachny was established 14th December, 1998 as a new higher educational institution of the 3rd and 4th level of accreditation. That was the outcome of a long-term thorough process of foundation of independent modern educational establishment for training professionals with higher education for the branch of maritime and inland water transport.

The process of creating Maritime Academy gave the opportunity to combine the best traditions in the field of training specialists for water transport which were created within the frame of the old higher institutions.

Nowadays the Academy is provides education for Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Muster’s Degree on 6 specializations and for Junior Specialist’s Degree in 4 specializations. There is a preparatory center for admittance providing the full-time or extra-mural forms of education, there is also a Post-graduate department, and Second higher education department. The Academy has contacts with higher educational establishments of the same kind abroad. The graduates have opportunity to get diploma of education abroad.

List of the specialties:
- Management of Organization;
- Ship Power Plant Maintenance;
- Navigation;