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Grani Ltd

Логотип компании
Название компании:
Grani Ltd
blv. Frantsuzskiy 52, Odessa 65067, Ukraine
Контактное лицо:
Grani Ltd
Контактный телефон:
+380 48 728 7969
+380 48 738 0683
Grani Ltd was established since 1989 as independent private company. Throughout these years, our company has been supporting the Marine, Shipbuilding and Ship manning Industry. We are ideally located at Odessa - largest port of Ukraine to provide you with effective and immediate marine service solution locally and internationally. 
Our main business encompasses the following activities:
·Shipbuilding agency 
·S&P brokerage 
·Ship manning services
Our key competency is our profound knowledge of Ukrainian shipping markets, shipbuilding and maintenance, risk management and our understanding of the individual customer needs and requirements.
The company is still open for new ideas and activities inside the shipping business, and we ask you kindly to keep in contact with our team for future co-operation.
We will be very pleased in receiving your purchase enquiries of vessels, marine equipment and special requests concerning newbuilding projects or about our ship manning services.
Grani Ltd provides consultancy services to Owners, Contractors, Banks, Leasing Companies, Investors, Lawyers and other parties. Together with our extensive local network of consultants we are able to provide you with reports which can be backed up by on-site physical inspections carried out by qualified inspectors.
We stand for:
·Respect for clients needs 
·Patience & persistence 
·Creativity & flexibility 
·Confidentiality & strict business ethics
Continuous improvement is the aim of Grani Ltd whereby the company always is abreast of developments.