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Crewing Company Alpha Navigation

Логотип компании
Название компании:
Crewing Company Alpha Navigation
Main Office ALPHA NAVIGATION Odessa, 17 Machtovaya str., Odessa, 65010, Ukraine
Контактное лицо:
Crewing Company Alpha Navigation
Контактный телефон:
+380482329204, +380482329205, +380482329206, +380482329207, +380482329208
Crewing Company Alpha Navigation is one of the leading crewing companies of Ukraine, providing well-educated, highly qualified and experienced seafarers. Out database contains over 9,000 screened seafarers.

Crewing Company Alpha Navigation has been carrying out its services in a professional and efficient way since 1996. Company provides qualified and competent Ukrainian crews for all types of vessels.

Types of Vessels Managed

Tanker (product/crude)
Tanker (gas/chemical/special)
General Cargo
Vehicle Carrier
Offshore vessels
Tugs and Barges

Investing heavily in professional skills, Crewing Company Alpha Navigation recognises the vital importance and contribution of quality people to organizations, both at sea and ashore. Crewmembers are personally selected and prospective applicants carefully screened to verify their experience, competence, fitness and comprehension of English prior to enlistment.

In consultation with the Shipowner, the designated Crew Superintendent selects and engages the command and crew of each vessel. There is strict adherence to internal Quality Standards, full compliance with IMO, STCW and ISO requirements, and the manning stipulations of the vessel and her registry.

A policy of selective rehire, together with continuous upgrade training and performance appraisal, guarantees quality manpower, proficiency and safety on board.

All seafarers are holders of certificates in compliance with IMO, STCW’95 and USCG regulations and requirements. Everyone is fully familiarized with the ISM Code, and to passed medical examination (including drug-alcohol tests), English examinations and Alpha’s internal professional tests. All candidates have positive references from previous employers.

Main office is located in Odessa, Ukraine, - the concentration point of marine human resources, one of the biggest ports in the Mediterranean and Black Seas areas. Crewing Company Alpha Navigation has fully owned branch offices in most Ukrainian sea ports.

Crewing Company Alpha Navigation's crewing services are flexible and competitive and cover the complete spectrum of the modern Crewing for the Ship Managers and Ship Owners.

Комментарии (2)

1 Andrew • 07:22, 15.01.2011
Dear Sirs!
My name is Vaganov Andrew! I’m 28 years old, I have worked on different company till November 2006 year as a IT technical expert. Don’t pay attention that I was worked long time ago, because I have a good motivation to work as well as I can, and I will do my best!

I have higher education with good practice begin from 2003and in 2010 I have finished a DP course. I am well-organized, have a strong character, aptitude for working in team. I have great motivation to show ability in job. I would like to work in your’s professional team and get all necessary experience to improve myself and to become the best! I have plenty time for that

I am team oriented, have ability to interact with individuals in a cross-cultural environment, Leadership and employee development skills

I'm young, health, with good appetite to knowledge’s, hard work, do not afraid of difficult tasks, speak 3 languages, have high aircraft education, graduated academy with diploma in Radio and Navigation department

Please see attach my application form at added files, if you will have any questions to me, I will be glad to answer them at the first opportunity

I’m ready to work as DP operator mate or as a cadet on your ships with future promotion

Try me and you will not be disappointed

Best Regards
Vaganov Andrew
My contact
Email: avaganov@ukr.net
Skype: vandrew1
Mobile: +38 067 749 71 46

2 Aram • 10:37, 27.01.2011
good day! my name is Aram and i am seaman. i worked on the tanker 2 kontracts as AB. i have a little expirience and i can perform my dutis well. aour sailing time from one port call to another was 2-3 days it depended on weather conditions. that is why we had a friquance mooroing and cargo operations! also i often kept wanth on the bridge as helsman. i like my job and in oportunity is given to me i will do my best in serv time. Thank you