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Название компании:
Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Angola, Other...
1, rue Perdtemps, CH- 1260 Nyon Switzerland
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+41(0)22 365 71 00
+41(0)22 365 71 11
ABCmaritime is a privately owned shipping company located in Nyon, just outside Geneva, Switzerland.

Our services:

Ship Management for Tankers, Bitumen Carriers, Offshore Supply Vessels, Dry Cargo (bulk) & RoRo vessels:
  • Technical management
  • Crewing resources from ABCmaritime Odessa branch office or on request from outside crewing agents
  • Crew training
  • ISM implementation and follow up audits International Safety Management (ISM Code-SOLAS requirements)
  • ISPS implementation and follow up audits International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS Code - SOLAS requirements)
  • TMSA implementation and follow up Tanker Management Self Assessment
  • Planned maintenance
  • Specification and design coordination
  • Contracting and yard selection
  • Project management on site
  • Newbuiling / ship conversion supervision
  • Procedures, manuals, risk assessments
Commercial Management:
  • Chartering for tankers, bitumen carriers and dry cargo vessels
  • Operations for tankers, bitumen carriers and dry cargo vessels
Marine Consultancy Services and Support:
  • Upgrading, docking and conversion supervision
  • Lay up and reactivation
  • Ship inspections
Newbuilding and conversion (FSO) management:
  • Newbuilding supervision and consultancy
  • Yard selection
  • Contract and specification consultancy
  • Design studies
  • Rules and regulations
  • Environmental issues
Crewing services:
  • Crew management for specific ships provided by ABC Odessa
  • Crew training and certification
Navy special projects:
  • Shipmanagement for special Navy ships