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Bisso Marine

Логотип компании
Название компании:
Bisso Marine
United States, Mexico, Peru
11311 Neeshaw Dr Houston, TX 77065
Контактное лицо:
Roy Buchler
Контактный телефон:
281 897 1500
For more than one hundred years BISSO MARINE has been providing unsurpassed service and quality to the marine and energy industries. BISSO MARINE performs marine construction, pipelaying, salvage, heavy lift, and diving services. With offices and strategic alliances located across the Gulf Coast, South America, Europe, and Asia, the BISSO MARINE fleet of derrick barges, pipelay barges, dive boats, tugs, and support vessels is uniquely positioned to provide services and respond to marine casualties around the world. BISSO MARINE brings together unparalleled experience, the highest quality equipment, and engineered solutions to get the job done.