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CJSC IC Avlita

Логотип компании
Название компании:
CJSC IC Avlita
99016 Sevastopol, Primorskaya st. 2-g, CJSC IC Avlita
Контактное лицо:
Company office
Контактный телефон:
+38 0692 67 65 09, +38 0692 92 64 02
+38 0692 92 64 03
CJSC Stevedoring company «Avlita» is a stevedoring company, has two deep-water berths in the waters of non-freezing all year round the Sevastopol Bay in the south-west of the Crimean peninsula. The company is well positioned for transshipment of cargo from rail and road transport on the sea, with sea-by road and rail, as well as from ship to ship. The company treats the metal, and also operates a grain terminal with capacity 170 thousand tons of lump storage. Productivity stations with grain railcars - 1200 tons per hour, with the car (on the two-point reception) - 300 tons per hour. Capacity of loading a ship up to 2400 tons per hour. Berthing facilities include 15 cranes, gantry cranes, including 5 «Liebherr» and «Gottwald» last generation. «Avlita» has a non-freezing Sevastopol bay two berths length of 240 and 260 m.
The company - handling of metal products and bulk cargo (mainly cereals). The company also provides customs brokerage, warehousing and on freight forwarding, maintenance cargo vessel. Completing the construction of the second stage of the grain terminal at 70 tons, ten additional points unloading wagons. The speed of loading grain on ships to increase to 35 tons per day. Company «Avlita» was created based on the capacity of the North area of Sevastopol marine plant in 1995 with the aim of handling the metal.

In 2006, the owner of CJSC «IC Avlita» became OOO «Metinvest Holding».