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Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd

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Название компании:
Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd
Lindшalleen 150 - DK-5330, Munkebo, Denmark
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Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd
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+45 6397 1234
Odense Steel Shipyard located in Odense, Denmark was constructed in 1918-1919 by the A.P. Moller Company. A new yard with bigger and better facilities was constructed 1957-1959 on a new site located in Munkebo a few kilometers outside of Odense proper. Odense Steel Shipyard is the largest yard within the Odense Steel Shipyard Group, which also consists of two yards and an engineering company, all situated in the Baltic’s. The yard is known for designing and building innovative vessels that apply the newest technology in design and equipment.
Since 1996 the Yard has built the world's largest container vessels. Because of the innovative products developed at Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd., the company is widely recognized as an influential voice in the shipbuilding community. The original shipyard remained in operation until 1966 when all operations were transferred to the new site. Unlike the modern shipyard, the old yard produced civilian and merchant vessels only. Its first completed ship was cargo steamship Robert Maersk, completed in 1920. Its last production was no. 177, bulk carrier Laura Maersk.
The new Odense Steel Shipyard (the Lindoyard). The new shipyard originally had two building docks no. I and II (300 x 45 x 7,5 meters each) allowing the construction of tankers with up to 100000 metric tons deadweight. The Yard was enlarged in 1967 including a new very large building dock No. III (415 x 90 meters) and a great 800 tons, 95 meters high, 148,5 Meters span gantry crane was added allowing the construction of tankers in VLCC and ULCC class. The largest construction planned on the yard were two 500000 DWT tankers, but this order was later canceled. From the 1960s until 1977 the yard only constructed oil tankers (no larger than 330000 DWT) as well as bulk carriers. The first RORO ship was built in 1979, and the first container ship in 1980. In Dec. 1992, the yard completed the world's first 300000 DWT double-hull tanker. In Jan.1996 they delivered its first Post-Panamax container ship.