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Название компании:
38, Admiralska Str., Mykolayiv, 54001, UKRAINE
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Company office
Контактный телефон:
+38 0512 359 880
+38 0512 356 450

Activities :

  • Projection of the combatant surface vessels and crafts, auxiliary ships and spesial floating constructions;
  • Ensuring the fulfilment of the project worbs for modernisation of the combatant surface vessels and crafts;
  • Investigations in the field of naval armanents, including researches of the "stealth" technologies;
  • Technical-scientific activities in the field of war shipbuilding, including the optimization of the structure such as "Coast Yuard";
  • Ships and boats for Coast Guard.

General development of shipbuilding in 50-70 years of XX century and the development, including modernization of Navy of USSR demanded a creation of the additional scientific and designing shipbuilding potential in the South region of country, particulary, in Nikolaev. With the purpose of increasing of production feasibilities of St.-Petersburg Severnoe Planning and Design Bureau (SPDB) it was established the 61 Department by the Order of SPDB № 146/k dated 01, November, 1975 the 61 Department was transformed into Nicolaev Branch of SPDB according to the Order of Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry of USSR.
The main aims of Nikolaev Branch at the first state of the formation were following:
  • Technical service of increasing volumes of ships and vessels construction, are built according to the projects of SPDB for USSR Navy;
  • Perfomance and implementation of local modernization at ships of operating fleet and at new-building by the way of their own design developments;
  • Performance of design developments of separate parts or stages of new projects are being developed in SPDB and intend to be built at the shipyards in South region;
  • Author’s supervision of the ship construction and modernization as well as mounting of ship complexes and systems;
  • Participation in trials and delivery of ships and local complexes and systems to the Customer.
The first practical tasks were following:
  • Help to the SPDB in development of the detail design of destroyer , project 956; large antisubmarine vessel, project 1155; nuclear cruiser, project 1144. Works were carried out in St.-Petersburg to simplify the work coordination;
  • Carrying-out of engineering developments and design documentation on the installation of modern complexes of antiair and antiship defense at large antisubmarine vessels (BPK), project 61.
  • Carrying-out of engineering developments and design documentation on implementation of increased level of habitability and comfort at BPK, project 61.
During this period the following large-scale works were carried out:
  • Development of planning and design documentation for the modernization of antiair defense complex of one of destroyers, project 61E;
  • Development of the detail design documentation for construction and operation series of project 61 ME for export;
  • Development of the detail design documentation for construction and operation series of cruisers series of project 1164;
  • Development of engineering projects of frigate, project 11351, as well as destroyer, project 61ME, had been modernized for export.
During the period since 1975 till 1990 it had been carried out about 70 scientific-and-research works and engineering developments of various size and scale. Many of the developments were embodied in 22nd of vessels were built and operated for USSR Navy, navy divisions of Frontier forces of USSR KGB, as well as for export.
Complexity, versatility and voluminosity of works, have been carried out by the enterprise before USSR was disintegrated, allow Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry to separate it from SPDB and create “Yuzhnoe Planning and Design Bureau” based on the enterprise (by the order MSI № 334 dated 1990.10.22). In that way the level and qualification of the enterprise was confirmed.
Modern state of the enterprise.
In 1992 Yuzhnoe PDB was transformed into “Research-and-Design Shipbuilding Centre of Ukraine” by the order № 292 of Ministry of Machine Industry of Ukraine dated 1992.12.30. Then the enterprise was renamed into “State Research-and-Design Shipbuilding Centre” (SRDSC) by the Order № 360 of Ministry of Industrial policy of Ukraine dated 1998.10.9. . It entered into the list of Ukrainian enterprises which are strategically important for economy and safety of country.
Such transformation was possible because of the enterprise was and it is the unique specialized planning and design organization in Ukraine, which provides scientific and technical support of shipbuilding and has laboratory and testing base, necessary for it.
During 1992 - 2003 , SRDSC has extended significantly the spectrum of its works and service according to the orders of Navy of Ukraine, Goscomgranitza of Ukraine, Navy of Russia, Asian and European customers, owners of various commercial companies. At the present time the enterprise cooperates with majority of them.
Design works on passenger ships, landing vessel, test subjects and others were being carried out additionally to the traditional ones.
While acting as a base shipbuilding centre of Ukraine, SRDSC had carried out the line of scientific-and-research and developmental works, as follows:
  • creation of multi-purpose patrol vessel;
  • creation of multi-purpose vessel of “destroyer” class;
  • creation of floating cosmodrome;
  • creation of sea-based missile-test complex;
  • creation of perspective vessel of “corvette” class;
  • creation of perspective frontier patrol vessel;
  • documentation development on search-and-rescue vessel for coast guard , etc.
It should be noted especially the provision of construction and delivery of “Getman Sagaidachny” frigate being the flagman vessel for Navy of Ukraine, have been built at shipyard "Zaliv" in Kerch, of "Ternopol" corvette at shipyard "Leninskaya Kuznitza" in Kiev.
At recent year SRDSC had developed projects of the rever armoured gunboat "Gyurza" on order of the State Department, USA, provided construction on the shipyard "Leninskaya Kuznitza", Kiev, and it's delivery to user - Republic Uzbekistan.
At the present time take part in fulfillment of “State Program of Ukraine and NATO cooperation”, is being the member of joint group AC/NG 6В.
SRDSC was assigned the head scientific organization on scientific and technical direction “Shipbuilding” by the Order№ 254 of Ministry of Industrial policy of Ukraine dated 1999.07.12. It was confirmed by Certificate on certification of scientific organizations № 180 dated 2002.11.26.
The enterprise is the Juridical person and carry out it’s activity on the base of the following:
  • Law of Ukraine “About enterprises in Ukraine ”;
  • Certificate № 5629/1 of state registration of the enterprise dated 1998.11.03, was issued by Chamber of Registration and License of Nikolaev Executive Committee;
  • Statute№ 11-к, was registered by Chamber of Registration and License of Nikolaev Executive Committee under № 5629/1 dated 1998.11.03.
Director is a top manager on the enterprise, to be assigned by Ministry of Industry policy of Ukraine under a contract.
In accordance with the Decision of Ministry Cabinet of Ukraine dated 2001.04.23, Director of SRDSC Yevgen O.Borysov also is the Chief Naval shipbuilding Designer of Ukraine.