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Mariupol Sea Commercial Port

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Название компании:
Mariupol Sea Commercial Port
UKRAINE 99, Admiral Lunin Av.,Mariupol, Donetsk region. 87500 State enterprise "MSCP"
Контактное лицо:
A. K. Rosinskiy
Контактный телефон:
+38 0629 40 8657
+38 0629 40 8660
Nowadays, the Maruiupol Port is one of the leading one in Ukraine on mechanization, hydro-engineering buildings, cargo handling volumes, services and other showings in maritime sphere.
Also the Mariupol Port is among leading European ports on fruitful using each meters of berth area.
Each year port simultaneously builds specialized and ordinary berth complexes, new technologies are provided, experienced stuff is trained and selected, conditions of working and leisure are up-to-date, constant environmental protection is held and, of course, volumes of cargo handling increase yearly to meet demands of all our clients.
Owing to the considered top management as well as competent local control, workers of Mariupol port are sure in future of there family and enterprise.
Dynamic indicators proved that engineers had took right decision in 19 century to erect the port in very Mariupol, and this enterprise would have brilliant future. We look ahead with great optimism and are always ready to discuss mutually beneficial business proposition from new partners.