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Norwegian School of Management - Norwegian Shipping Academy

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Norwegian School of Management - Norwegian Shipping Academy
Nydalsveien 37, 0484 Oslo
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Norwegian Shipping Academy
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+47 4641 0000
Norwegian School of Management - Norwegian Shipping Academy
Our history
The Norwegian Shipping Academy, was founded by The Norwegian Ship Owners Association in 1967 to provide education and training for personnel in the industry. In 2000, The Norwegian Shipping Academy became a part of BI The Norwegian School of Management BI.

In 2004 BIs shipping activities changed name to BI Shipping. Conferences and training courses have been arranged by the Norwegian Shipping Academy, in Norway and other countries for more than 30 years.
In 2000, The Norwegian Shipping Academy became a part of BI The Norwegian School of Management, which were the second largest educational institution, and the largest provider of education in economics, business and management In Europe.
BI Shipping has a long experience in working abroad with international research and in providing education and training programmes. We have worked with maritime personnel from over 80 countries, many of them from developing nations.
BI Shipping has developed partnerships and associations with overseas institutions in order to extend its international programmes, ie with Nanyang Technological University and Nanyang Business School, in Singapore, with Fudan University in Shanghai, and with Foreign Trade University in Vietnam. 
The Norwegian Shipping Academy’s international experience has been recognized by national and international agencies such as NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation and UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) who provides finance for projects in many countries, i.e Vietnam and Indonesia.
In 2006, BI Norwegian School of Management entered into a co-operation agreement with Wilh. Wilhelmsen regarding the establishment of a professorship in research, development and competence communication regarding the maritime industry.  
The co-operation agreement was entered into through the Tom Wilhelmsen Foundation, which contributed with NOK 6 million to basic scientific research in relation to the maritime industry at the Centre for Maritime Research at BI Norwegian School of Management. The Chair will be financed for five years, from 1st August 2006 to 31st July 2011.
As of August the 29th, in 2006 Professor Torger Reve has hold the Wilh Wilhelmsen Chair in Strategy and Industrial Competitiveness at BI Norwegian School of Management. He also heads the Center for Maritime Competitiveness.
In 2007, BI united its BI’s Maritime Research Centre, led by Torger Reve, with professional expertise by appointing:
•Alf Andersen from Belden Shipping as Assistant Professor II
•Bengt Ramberg from Wilh Wilhelmsen as Professor II
•Per Olaf Brett from Dnv/Ulstein Gruppen as Professor II.
In 2007, BI decided to anchor shipping centrally in its strategic plan of action and, as a measure to make this venture more visible, Kristin Omholt-Jensen was appointed the Director for BI’s shipping venture. 
“BI, as Norway’s leading Business School, has a unique chance to create a successful maritime venture programme by providing the industry with stable, “tailored” recruitment of a competent and sorely needed workforce.”