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Oleksandr Bocharov

Фото моряка
Тип судна:
Floating Hotel, Passenger Ship, Cruise Ship, Cruise Yacht
Срок контракта:
2-6 month
Зарплата (USD):
Страна / Город:
Ukraine, Yalta
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Basic safety training STCW, Survival craft, rescue boats
Проф. опыт:
9 years
Дата рождения:
31 July 1976
Excellent English, Vaccination Yellow Fever
My name is Oleksander Bocharov. I am the pianist.

I was born in 1976 in Yalta, Ukraine. Last years I work at sea playing piano on board passenger cruise ships. Such as “General Lavrinenkov”, “Discovery”, “Thomson Spirit”, “Le Diamant”, “Lirica” and others. Usually I give classical piano recitals and also play light music accompaniment in a piano bar or a lounge if it’s required. I speak English fluently, German and Spanish – tolerably. I’m looking for a job on board a passenger ship or in a hotel. Here is some videos for you to see.

• performing of classical music:
• “lounge and piano bar music”:
• and free impromtus:

If you have some vacancy of this kind to offer I’ll be glad to consider your offer, hear your demands and discuss details. In case of need I can send the copies of my documentation.