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Andrey Protas

Фото моряка
Тип судна:
VLCC, ULCC, Waste Carrier, Bulk Carrier, General Cargo, Dry cargo, Dry Container, Reefer Container, Cement Carrier, Multipurpose, Ro-Ro/PCC/PCTC, Ro-Lo, LASH, Sand Carrier, Reefer Cargo Vessel, L-stock, Tug, Tugboat, Anchor Handling Tug, Barge, Deck/Flat Barge, Hold Barge, Tug + Barge Combi, Self Propelled Barge, Floating Crane, Fire Fighting Ship, Offshore Supply Vessel, Jackup Rig, Cable/Pipe Layer, Long Liner, Drilling Ship, ICE Breaker
Срок контракта:
8-10 month
Зарплата (USD):
Страна / Город:
Russia St.Petersburg
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Basic safety training STCW, Survival craft, rescue boats, Advanced Fire Fighting, Medical Emergency First Aid, HAZMAT / Dangerous Cargoes
Проф. опыт:
с 2006
Дата рождения:
Satisfactory English, Vaccination Yellow Fever
I work on civil fleet since 2006. I worked as a seaman-motorman up to 2011. I absentia studied in Petrozavodsk river college, Since 2011 I work as therd engineer. There is a tendency to further development and a great desire to work in this area! I learn English myself. At this moment the level is basic. I don't have harmful habits.